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Isokit Canada Inc's activities are centred on refrigerated trucks and van insulation in Quebec.

Isokit Canada Inc... your partner in Quebec.

Created in 2014 and established in Montreal, Isokit Canada Inc. offers diverse solutions in truck and van refrigeration. According to your needs and thanks to our expertise, our team can suggest the best option in truck refrigeration, mobile refrigeration services or unit installation. You can trust us to ensure that the cold chain is maintained and that the taste and nutritional properties of your products, fresh or frozen, are preserved. For more information or a simple quote, contact us by phone or through our web form. One of our consultants will be happy to show you some solutions.

« Not just one, but several solutions are in reach »

Innovative and efficient solutions in insulation.

With the help of Hanzo Solutions, Isokit Canada Inc. has designed a fast installation kit or screw-on kit that makes it possible to insulate a van in just one day and without specialized tools. This van insulation kit, made entirely of recyclable materials, is a practical and efficient piece of equipment for those looking to convert their professional van. Now anyone can optimize their energy consumed and maintain a constant temperature. There's just one stop to quickly transform any van into a refrigerated vehicle: Isokit Canada Inc.

« Impeccable insulation for your van »

3 reasons to go with Isokit Canada Inc.:

  • Perfect proficiency in the field
  • We are the first to offer packaged insulation solutions
  • The quality of the work

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