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Need a mobile refrigeration service? Always able to help, give Isokit Canada Inc. a call.

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Our company has been established in Quebec since 2014, and refrigeration is our field of expertise. Are you a supplier of fresh products, restaurateur or farmer? No matter what your expectations, Isokit Canada Inc. has the solution. We also offer a mobile refrigeration solution adapted to the transportation of fresh or frozen foods. Even though it is possible to transform any van into a refrigerated vehicle thanks to one of our easy-to-install kits, perhaps you're not ready to make this investment. If this is the case, Isokit Canada Inc's mobile refrigeration service would be perfect.

Refrigerated transportation specialists at your service

In terms of logistics, the transportation of foodstuffs is particularly sensitive. Take all precautions to conserve the quality of your products and maintain the cold chain. We transport all your perishable foodstuffs in the fastest times and within the strictest adherence to the food chain in order to conserve the quality and freshness of your products. Isokit Canada Inc. offers not only its mobile refrigeration service, but we also do refrigeration for vans.

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