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We also offer a line of refrigeration units for trucks and vans.

TKT-300RF with compressor powered by the motor, for 2 to 5 metre trucks, medium and low temperature.

12VDC battery-operated unit for 2 to 3 metre van, medium and low temperature.

Product Model  
Isokit iso 200-ef  
Type 12 vdc battery roof top
Compressor 12 vdc 66 cc/r
Control digital cabin
Condensor Copper/aluminium 865/620/210 mm
  1 fan 45kg
Evaporator Copper/aluminium 600/510/138 mm
  1 fan 17 kg
Defrosting Automatic Hot Gas
Cooler r 404 a     
Power supply 12 vdc/80 amps  
Power 9 200 btu @ -5º @ 38ºC ambiant air
Total weight 75 kg  
Batteries 2 x 100 ah Deep discharge

iso 200-ef "12 vdc battery refrigeration" unit compressor on the engine, medium and low temperature (ford connect, nissan nv 200, gmc savana, mercedes, sprinter, dodge, promaster, etc.).
price for road unit only: $4,885.00
installation: included
electric option of: $ 980.00
installation: included

8550 Rue Pascal-Gagnon,

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(514) 326-1324 - 1-866-726-1324