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Place your trust in the van insulation device designed by Isokit Canada to protect your precious merchandise.

Isokit Canada Inc. offers a winning solution to professionals.

Isokit Canada Inc. has been working in the refrigeration sector for several years. We have recently developed a new, faster method. The system is easy to install, but just as effective for excellent van insulation. Regardless of the season, Isokit Canada Inc. provides transportation of fresh products, fruits and vegetables in the most sanitary conditions in Quebec. It won't just be your cargo thanking us: in the summer, the driver will also feel the difference!

« Innovative and logical solutions in van insulation »

Van insulation quality without match in Quebec.

The satisfaction of our customers is our only goal here at Isokit Canada Inc. Not only do we guarantee a service with care in your refrigerated truck, we also use only recyclable materials when we make the different custom parts for your insulation: plastic, Styrofoam, etc. Discover how innovative our van insulation solutions are by contacting our customer service department by phone or web form. No matter where you're located in Quebec, we'll be happy to provide helpful information.

« Trust the insulation of your van with a specialist »

Strong points of our company:

  • True know-how
  • Service to the whole province of Quebec and beyond
  • Innovative fast installation kit

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ISOKIT means a product made in Quebec allowing for fast, secure and performing insulation and finishing of your van's interior. Isokit is delivered in pre-fabricated panels that interlock with each other. Only a drill and a few hand tools are needed for installation. Traditionally, the interior insulation and finishing of vans required the use of spray polyurethane foam, wood frame and several days of fabrication. The application or polyurethane on the lining of a van prevents the circulation of air from entering the insulation and the interior of the vehicle, promoting the formation of humidity within the insulator, quickly degrading insulation. This procedure obstructs the original water evacuation points in the interior of the vehicle, promoting rust forming on the body. The heat extracted by the polyurethane deforms the sheet metal and alters the exterior aesthetics of the vehicle. Spray polyurethane foam insulation is permanent and resists repair.

ISOKIT advantages:

  • The ISOKIT product is transferable from one truck to another of the same model.
  • A rental truck can be returned to the renter without penalties due to permanent insulation. This means savings on insulation costs when purchasing a new truck.
  • The user can rent a truck for less time, resulting in substantial savings. The lifespan of the equipment is around 10-15 years and is transferable from one vehicle to another.
  • Unlike spray insulation that all too often jams opening and closing mechanisms of doors, we use a divided elastomer that adapts to the interior part of the doors, freeing up all mechanisms.

According to Statistics Canada, standard insulation equipment has a lifespan equal to that of the vehicle, which is from six to eight years. So users park their trucks more often to save on insulation costs.

The Iso Kit system has a lifespan of at least twenty years. Its durability is ensured by the parts of the kit, entirely made of plastic materials. Making it possible to transfer the units (kit) to a truck of the same model.


The assurance of the ability to perform deliveries day after day without problem is a security that all entrepreneurs want. The product's insulating element easily preserves the cargo at the desired temperature when using the adequate refrigeration unit.

Containing no mechanism, the Isokit product simply works with interlocking panels. No breakage and no wear and tear in operation.

All the elements comprising our product form a set of winning conditions, allowing us to fabricate and market an innovation in the sector of road transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods

We are confident that our knowledge in this sector of activity, in which we continue to strive, has given us the ability to offer our customers, current and future, a proven technology that meets their needs. We work arduously toward the achievement of our goals.

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